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The Glass Dome

A story of personal growth, transformation and love

van Geert Hofman

Quite a successful executive, Peter Woudenberg is heading for a position on the board at his American employer. One day he is asked to deal with a small integration project, of great strategic importance however, which he fails to deliver upon. The top hold this against him personally and in a matter of a few weeks after he had been put in charge of this integration he is forced to leave the company. He doesn’t seem to have any control over the events in his life any longer and his life actually seems to be falling apart. Initially having no idea why this has happened to him he starts looking for clues and embarks on a journey of discovery with surprising encounters and revealing insights. He gains an understanding of what is happening with him and what is taking place on a larger scale. And he also finds out he is not alone on this journey.

Geert Hofman (1961) is a successful executive coach who has been working for more than twelve years with countless executives and professionals, mainly across Europe. A recurring and fascinating theme in his conversations with his coachees is about meaningfulness and fulfilment. The central question eventually being ‘what could I do in order to experience meaningfulness and fulfilment in my career and in my life?’ Their stories have formed an important source of inspiration for this novel.

Trefwoorden: Personal growth; Transformation; Love; Business; International; Spiritual; New Era; Cosmic

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