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ISBN 978-3-95631-576-3
370 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2017


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"Manual for Hitmen"

Be(a)st of Enforcer - Authentic factual thriller about the secret art of murder

von  Dr. Eno Forcer

Take a chilling plunge into the mind of the lone perpetrator…

Wrapped in the gripping tale of a professional hitman, this textbook on the art of murder will tell the public how to keep highly motivated lone perpetrators from effortlessly helping themselves to the ingredients of terror in home-improvement centers, drugstores, or via the internet.

Take a suspenseful lesson on the art of murder with a professional hitman who might for all we know still be on the loose. Not only will you get an invaluable insight into the psychology of the lone perpetrator, you’ll also get lots of hints on how to protect yourself from his kind.

Get thrilled, not killed!

»It’s the so-called ›small arms‹ like handguns, assault rifles, grenades, and RPGs that nowadays have to be considered weapons of mass destruction, as they kill more people all over the world than big weapons systems!« - Aktuell, Bavarian Radio, 03/09/2016

The title explained:
»Best of Enforcer«: the 12 most insidious hits of the killer
»Beast of Eno Forcer«: the human beast this book is about The book explained: The author has studied the dark side and accepts it as a constituent part of the human mind. He does insist, though, that the good side should be allowed to know about the workings of the dark side.

hitman; killer; profikiller; murder; poison; assault rifle; combat; close quarter combat; gun fight; knife fight; terror; assassin; ambush; pistol; sniper; gomorrha; mafia; law enforcement; night vision; low light fighting