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Awareness training for Children

and for Adults...

van Petra van Belois

Children need to be aware and experience how beautiful they are on the inside, so they want to stay like this and show more of it.

This awareness training helps children to get to know themselves. It gives them the desire to choose for the beautiful sides of their character. With the help of four positive animals (types of people), children are given choices for their behaviour. The result is they increase their social emotional skills. They respect and understand themselves and each other more. And they strengthen their resilience. They learn to be aware of themselves and stand for who they are.

This book also gives you answers to the following questions. Why do people behave the way they do? Why would you like to live from your Heart and how? How to deal with different kind of children or human beings as a parent, teacher or manager? In short, you become more aware of what kind of beings, human beings are. That is you!

Trefwoorden: behavioural training; pillars of behaviour; training behaviour; animal model; behaviour; ego; superego; heart; children; self-awareness; self-knowledge

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