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ISBN 978-3-95631-206-9
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Erscheinungsdatum: 26.01.2015

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The Azores - faial da terra

Art photo book

von  Jóia de Mattos

Faial da Terra can be accessed via a small and hilly road coming from Povoaçao or coming down from the north passing the lovely city of Nordeste. The village is inhabited by around 400 people living in total solitude in a valley cut by mountains on one side and cut by the sea on the other. A river runs right through Faial da Terra and divides it into two halves.

The coast along the east region of Povoaçao in which you can find Faial da Terra now is protected by law to shelter nature as best as possible. In the cliffs numerous seabirds are breeding, including Shearwaters and terns. Numerous endemic plants can propagate undisturbed in the inaccessible regions here.

If you close your eyes and listen carefully to the wind coming from the sea and the voices of the surrounding - you can sense the freedom and the peotry of this wonderful region and this tiny little village. A fantastic journey begins, on which this book wants to invite you.

Azoren; Kunst; Poesie; Fotografie; Inselleben