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The Atlantis Testimonies

Scientifically founded evidence of how a highly sophisticated civilization on Earth was destroyed

von  Rolf Ulrich Kramer

The Atlantis Testimonies are based on MindWalking session reports that were archived for decades, and have now been analysed. The method "MindWalking", founded by the author, permits recollection of lives and events of the remote past. Deeply buried memories of witnesses to the disaster are brought to light.

Atlantis, a highly advanced global civilisation, was destroyed by the deliberate attack of extra-terrestrial powers. Then followed the Stone Age. It ended when re-civilization through external development aid occurred. This finding is supported by Flood legends from all over the world.
In over 35 years of transpersonal work with clients and through private research by means of his method named “MindWalking”, the German psychologist Rolf Ulrich Kramer has put together a map of the psyche which goes way beyond the concepts of Freud and Jung, leaving virtually no spot on the “terra incognita of the mind” unexplored. Kramer has authored numerous books and scientific papers on the subject of his discoveries. He is active in Germany and also internationally with seminars and individual sessions. He has given various interviews and presentations on YouTube, see

Atlantis; Psychology; Spirituality; Mind-Body-Spirit; Aliens; Geology; Archeology; Space craft; Reincarnation; Out-of-body experience