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ISBN 978-3-86858-931-3
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14,8 x 21 cm
Erscheinungsdatum: 02.01.2013


The Pleasure, the Pain, and the Profit

Young Writers on Writing

von  herausgegeben von Cora L. Hardt

This unique anthology presents a glimpse at the works of nine very different young writers; some previously published, some not; some experienced, some not; some already at the top of their games, some just about to pack up their gear and step onto the playing field for the first time.
Every author has contributed a creative non-fictional essay dealing with aspects of his or her life and experiences as a young writer, plus a longer or several shorter fictional texts. In other words, we tell and we show.

In an age of casting shows and poetry slams Cora L. Hardt’s international project is neither a beauty contest, nor a quality check-up. It is an open invitation to partake in the creative endeavors, hopes, dreams, and disappointments of a handful of writing colleagues searching for practical solutions to most unpractical problems.
Cora L. Hardt teaches and writes as a philologist by day and magically transforms into an outrageously unacademic writer by night. She is the author of Elfenbeinturmspiele (2009) and Feuervogel (2010).

Junge Literatur; Schriftstellerei; Lyrik; Kurzgeschichte; Erfahrungsbericht